Running Fire Burn Dive

The Hitchhiker

Niko Dalman plays a hitchhiker trying to hitch a ride across Georgia, when creeper Kent De Mond offers him a ride. Lots of fighting, chasing, and falling in this one. Directed by Kent De Mond and Niko Dalman. Edited by Kent De Mond.

Axe Man

Niko Dalman is having a quiet night chopping wood until Kent De Mond comes along and has other plans for him. A huge fight ensues: Axe vs. Torch. Who will win? Produced, choreographed, and performed by Kent De Mond and Niko Dalman. Directed by David Paul Lord. Director of Photography is Michael Hofstein. Edited by Kent De Mond.

Hope Insurance

This is a mock commercial for a fictitious company called Hope Insurance. This comedy sketch was Produced, Directed, Shot, Acted in, and Edited by Kent De Mond along with the commercial's Spokesman Andy Jones.


A fight scene set at an abandoned coastal military outpost. Filmed with no crew except for the actors themselves. The location was the inspiration for the scene, but on film day a construction crew had already started demolition. The next day the location was gone.

What Do You Want?

Short fight scene starring Kent De Mond, Chris Dalman, Niko Dalman, Andy Jones, and Dan Pera. Kent has some unfinished business with Andy's gang and goes looking for trouble. Directed and Filmed by Kent De Mond and Andy Jones. Edited by Kent De Mond.

Desert Fight Sequence

Andy and Jessi get into a violent fight. Andy goes to the desert to dispose of the body but things don't go as planned. Filmed outside Barstow by Kent De Mond, Andy Jones, and Jessi Fisher. Edited by Kent De Mond.

At Swords' Point

A short sword fighting scene between Kent De Mond and Dan Pera. Written, Choreographed and Directed by Dan and Kent. Filmed on iPhones by Chris Dalman and Ryan McDaniel. Edited by Kent De Mond.

Hostage Rescue

A short, comedic, action scene featuring the cast of Sea World's dolphin show. A hostage is held captive by a ruthless biker gang, but their party is cut short when a group of heroes come "dropping in" to her rescue. A good excuse to have a party, act like heroes and villains, play around with rigging, and learn some cool editing special effects! Produced and Directed by Niko Dalman and Kend De Mond. Edited by Kent De Mond.

Mrs. No

Edited by Kent De Mond, this experimental video recuts the James Bond classic, Dr. No, to an original audio montage of movie audio clips, popular songs, and various other audio tracks. A bit trippy, kind of insane, but really cool.

La Persecucion

A BMX biker is riding around the Princeton Campus when he is spotted by Campus Security and a chase ensues. Written, Shot, Directed, Acted in, and Edited by Kent DeMond and Rick Pickett.

Atlantis (Feature Documentary)

Atlantis follows a group of stunt performers hired to open a live action aquatic stunt show in a brand new amusement park in Beijing, China. The film draws parallels between problems the group encountered opening the show with greater problems in China today. Produced, Directed, Filmed, Voice Over, and Edited, by Kent De Mond.

Bad to the Bone (Feature Documentary)

A rare, anthropological, look into the lives of some of the country's best professional water skiers. The film follows their customs and rituals, and highlights their constant obsession with sex, pain, and adrenaline...all without the use of voice over or formal interviews. Produced, Directed, Shot, and Edited by Kent De Mond.

The Life and Times of H.M. Pennywise

In this ironic, comedy-noir, Harold Pennywise has a dream of becoming a great phrenologist, but his family, friends, and colleagues are quick to put him down every step of the way. Written by Kent De Mond with David Deutsch. Starring David Deutsch. Produced, Directed, and Edited by Kent De Mond.