Running Fire Burn Dive

2022 Stunt Reel 

Kent De Mond's stunt reel features  a dazzling array of fights, fire burns, cliff dives, and other dynamic sequences from the major films and tv shows that he has worked on.          

Cliff Diving Reel

Kent De Mond's 2014 cliff diving reel is his first updated diving demo since 2009 when he first started on the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series. Since then he has been on the podium at multiple event stops including a win at the legendary cliffs of Acapulco. Here are some of the highlights!



Doubling Joe Pantoliano in MacGyver (Season 5)

Kent De Mond was Joe Pantoliano's stunt double on episodes of MacGyver in season 5. Here are some of the clips.


Doubling Adam Pally in the series Champaign Ill    

Kent De Mond was Adam Pally's stunt double on the tv servies Champaign Ill. Here are Kent De Mond's stunt clips from the show.


Kent De Mond Morning BMX Skatepark Session

Kent De Mond beats the crowds with an early morning skatepark session at Brook Run Skatepark in North Atlanta. This video got him the job doubling Adam Pally on Champaign Ill.


Kent De Mond wins the World cliff diving competition at Acapulco, Mexico in 2010

This video was taken by a spectator at the Acapulco Cliff Diving Championships. At this point Kent had already done a flying 1.5 somersault in practice and slightly injured his wrist. To protect his wrist, he needed to tape up with plenty of athletic tape and wore a wrist brace over the tape for extra support. He knew full well this next dive was going to hurt. He was sitting in second place behind Orlando Duque before this dive, but this head first rip entry from over 75 feet pulled him ahead to win his first ever international cliff diving competition. This win also scored him the lead role in a General Electric national commerical in Acapulco, which started his career in film and tv.


GE Acapulco Commercial with Kent De Mond

After winning the Acapulco Cliff Diving Championships, Kent De Mond was hired to star in a SAG national commercial for General Electric where he would dive off the same cliffs where he won gold a year earlier.


"Expendables 2" Fight Sequence Remade Side by Side with the Original

A remake of a fight scene from the Expendables 2, with Kent De Mond, Andy Jones, Niko Dalman, Dan Pera, and Chris Dalman.