Running Fire Burn Dive

Stunt Reel

Kent De Mond's stunt reel features fire burns, cliff dives, russian swing, car hits, stair falls, and other dynamic, action packed sequences. 2:00 minutes.

Cliff Diving Reel

Kent De Mond's 2014 cliff diving reel is his first updated diving demo since 2009 when he first started on the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series. Since then he has been on the podium at multiple event stops including a win at the legendary cliffs of Acapulco. Here are some of the highlights!


Video Clips 


These are the highlight clips from the professional stunt divers in the ABC series Splash! My favorite clips are the 3 meter spotters, doubling Joey Lawrence, and the robot clone sequence where get body slammed off the 10 meter platform and get whipped into a double layout crash!
7:09 minutes.



This video was taken by a spectator at the Acapulco Cliff Diving Championships. At this point I had already done a flying 1.5 somersault in practice and my wrist was killing me. I taped my hand up and wore a wrist guard and I knew this was going to hurt. I was second place before this dive behind Orlando Duque, but my head first rip entry from over 75 feet pulled me ahead to win my first ever international cliff diving competition. 21 seconds.




Here is the commercial I did for General Electric's TrueCourse Flight Management System. I filmed about five cliff dives in Acapulco plus the belly flop and then did the wire work up in Los Angeles.



More Demo Videos



This is my diving and acrobatic reel from 2009. Lots of cool dives, trampoline, tumbling, tramp wall, high dives, and fire dives. 2:00 min.









A longer demo version shows more Olympic style platform diving and trampoline wall. 5:49 minutes.








This video is taken from the Y'Eau Acrobatic show at La Ronde in Montreal, Canada. It features 14 foot trampoline wall, springboard diving and dillies, and high diving. 3:10 minutes.







This demo demonstrates flexibility, strength, flips and tumbling, springboard and platform dives, show diving, dillies, fire dives and high dives. 9:29 minutes.